Dedicated to furthering the knowledge and appreciation of Italian varietal wines produced in California


Quando si dice italiano, si è detto tutto!


Risorgimento is a consortium of California wineries and vineyards dedicated to the production and promotion of Italian varietals. The grapes of Italy have been a mainstay of the California Wine Industry since its inception. Today, there are now more than 700 wineries bottling over 60 Italian varietals throughout every regional AVA in the state. 

Risorgimento looks to further the knowledge and appreciation for the quality of Italian wines produced here. The pillars of our mission are to deepen cooperation among our members and to advance consumer awareness of our wines through events, advocacy, and education. 


Risorgimento now brings together growers, vintners, retailers, and consumers to promote the awareness and appreciation of California’s bountiful Italian vintages, from the traditional bottlings that established the commercial wine industry in our state to the cutting- edge wines crafted by the new generation of winemakers.

As we grow, Risorgimento looks to build:

  • Annual Grand Tasting

  • Statewide & regional chapters

  • Grape & bulk wine exchange

  • Educational programs & webinars

  • Consumer advocacy

  • Government lobby

Be part of the resurgence of California’s most vital viticultural trade organization.


deepening cooperation among our members and advancing consumer awareness of our wines through events, advocacy, and education. 


More about Risorgimento

Italian varietal grapes have become the most diverse viticultural category in California, with plantings and production in nearly every AVA from the Oregon border to Baja. In the 21st century, the proliferation of these wines stand to increase incrementally, due not only to the dictates of climate change but the emergence of a new generation of wine drinkers who have honed their palates on the wondrous wines of Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia.

As climate change raises the average temperature and increase degree-days in California, the viticultural landscape will shift dramatically in favor of Mediterranean grapes. Numerous other Italian varietals are now being planted, and clean cuttings of new types continue to be made available.

Risorgimento is committed to the promotion of these emerging new wines and the education of wine consumers and industry professionals on the richness and diversity of Italian varietals.


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